Mountain Brewers Sign-up!

It is time to finalize the beers that will be going up to the Mountain Brewers festival! If you didn’t get a chance to sign up on Sunday, or missed the meeting, you can now sign up online.

We encourage everyone to get involved! If you want to be involved but are worried about signing up for any other reason please reach out to Zach (, Alan (, or about doing a collaboration with other brewers. We will try our best to find others that would also like to brew together!

Also included is a sign up for times to help pour. This is mainly a way for us to judge the interest that people have in participating. We will try to match up brewers with the beer they donate. We also had a couple of people sign up for the 2 -3 time but we were unable to read the names. If you signed up for those times but don’t see your name, please add it.

Click here for the online sign-up