Collaboration Brew with Epic Brewing!

We are super excited to announce that Epic brewing has agreed to collaborate with the club to brew a batch of beer and put it on tap at The Annex!
A lot of thought went into how to pull off the collaboration. When deciding we had two main goals in mind. Include as many members as possible, and maximize the input of each of you. At random we have put together 5 groups, each with seven members. Each group will work together to collaborate on the style of beer and then the recipe. Next the teams will brew their beers and submit a bottle to the crew at Epic. 

Epic will pick their favorite and brew it on the 7 barrel system at the Annex! The winning team will get bragging rights within the club! When the beer is ready we will have a release party at the Annex open to everyone.

There are only three rules:  Keep it at 4% or less. Use ingredients on the inventory sheet provided. Create something unique!

Everyone that made it to the February meeting was placed on a team. In the next day or two we will finalize the teams by placing those not at the meeting onto a team. We will email more details to each of the groups in the next day or two.