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Thunder God | American Amber.

January 2019

Project Description

This is a clone of a beer I enjoyed in Hong Kong, from the Moonzen Brewery. The reason this beer is special to me is it’s the first beer I ever brewed that I enjoyed, and my second beer overall. The recipe was provided by Moonzen themselves and is taught by HK Brewcraft’s brewing school in their “How to Brew” course.


Style: 19A. American Amber Ale

SRM: 7.3

ABV: 6.4%

IBU: 84

OG: 1.061 (15.3P)

FG: 1.014 (3.6P)



2-row – 80%
Crystal 20L – 15%
White wheat malt – 2.5%
Carapils/dextrine – 2.5%


0.67oz Magnum (12.4% AA) – 60 min
3.1oz Citra (14.1% AA) – 10 min
3.1oz Citra (14.1% AA) – 5 min
2.8oz Citra (14.1% AA) – Dry hop for 5 days.


Safale US-05


Mash at 66°C (151°F) for 60 minutes

Based on a mash efficiency of 81%

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