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Juice Bender | Hazy IPA.

February 2019

Project Description

A New England style IPA focusing on juicy American hops but relying on the sharp lime/lemon character of New Zealand hops to cut through a bit of the softness.


Style: 21A. Specialty IPA

SRM: 6

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 38 (theoretically)

OG: 1.063 (15.8P)

FG: 1.014 (3.5P)



Perle Malt- 67.8%
Flaked Oats – 13.6%
Golden Naked Oats – 13.6%
Carafoam – 5.1%


Whirlpool @ 190F: 1 oz Citra (12% AA), 2 oz Motueka (7% AA), 1 oz Sabro (15% AA).
Knock out onto 1st dry hop: 3 oz Citra, 2 oz Motueka, 3 oz Sabro
Dry Hop at end of ferment: 2 oz Citra, 3 oz Motueka, 3 oz Sabro


A38 Juice – Imperial Yeast


Mash at 66°C (152°F) for 60 minutes
Mash Out at 168 if desired.

I find the key to hazy IPA is to attempt to obtain haze with hops and protein polyphenols. This means that it is best to cold crash after fermentation to drop all yeast out. This will create a more stable flavor and keep the desirable components in suspension. I’ve also found that it is necessary to avoid all oxygen pick up, transferring into a keg purged with CO2 is a must. Flavor tends to be somewhat harsh the first week and a half in the keg, but really rounds out to something less hoppy biting and more round around week 2 in the keg, exercise patience and you’ll find better results.

Based on a mash efficiency of 72%

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