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“Extremely Special Bitter”.

Jan 26, 2021

Project Description

Brewer: Graham Hawes

A full-bodied, dark copper-colored, very drinkable ale that is loaded with quintessential English hop essence.


Style: 11C Strong Bitter

SRM: 14

ABV: ~5.4%

IBU: 41 (~30 after adjusting for altitude!)

OG: 1.053

FG: 1.012

Mash Eff: 70%



9.25# Maris Otter

0.75# Simpsons Light Crystal (~40 L)

0.75# Simpsons Medium Crystal (~67 L)


20 IBUs of any clean bittering hop (Warrior, Magnum, etc) @ 60 min

1oz of EKG @ 30 min

1oz of EKG @ 15 min

1oz of EKG @ Flameout

1oz of EKG 3-day dry hop starting on day 7


Imperial “Pub” / WLP-002


Mash at 148°F for 60 minutes.

My real IBU target is 30, adjusted for altitude. I start by adding all EKG additions to my brewing software, then add enough Warrior (or any clean bittering hop) at 60 minutes to hit my IBU target.

Increase the dry hop charge if you don’t think 1oz gives enough aroma. The intent is not to make an IPA, but just to add a hint of aroma to compliment the EKG flavor.


Project Details

  • Client Graham Hawes
  • Date January 26, 2021
  • Tags Member Recipe

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