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Troy Cloward.

February 2016

Project Description

Who are you: Troy Cloward

Home Town: Salt Lake City

I have been a homebrewer since: I started brewing in 1992. I did extract brewing and averaged two or three batches a year for about six years. I then attempted to try all grain. Not knowing what I was doing. I failed miserably. I stopped brewing for about four years, when I moved into a house with a couple of friends that loved beer. I introduced them to extract brewing, and we went crazy for about a year brewing at least one batch every week. At this point I decided to try all grain again. This time I did the research built a 10-gallon igloo cooler mash tun and was planning to do the switch. I came home from a work trip and found it full of grain covered in mold, and cracked (Ex-roommate!) Then my job changed, I would only be home a couple days a month. This went on for eight years. I decided to stop traveling after I met the lady that is now my wife. I told her that I used to homebrew, and she is the one that got me brewing again. Started with extract again, then shortly moved to brew in a bag, and now have a single tier system.

What was the first beer you ever brewed: Raspberry Wheat. I liked it then, I am sure it was awful.

What is your favorite style to brew: I love pale ales. I brew a couple of them a year. Lately I have got into sours, trying to brew them and let them age.

What is your favorite recipe: I love American farmhouse ales. I still have not made the one recipe I can call my own, but I am working on it.

What style will you never brew: I don’t think there is one that I could say I would never brew.

Are you a BJCP judge: No, but I am currently work on changing that.

Do you have a favorite homebrew gadget: I recently got a plate chiller. Why I waited so long to get one; I have no idea!

Describe your homebrew system: I have a single tier, three keggle, natural gas system. I have two pumps with silicone tubing with quick connect fittings. 30-plate wort chiller. I am in the process of buying the part to convert it into a Brutus 10 system.

How often do you brew: I try and brew at least once a month. Last year I fell behind a little and only brewed six batches. That must mean I need to brew two batches a month this year.

Can you send a picture or two of some labels: I mostly keg, so I don’t normally label my beers. I also ferment a lot of wine, I do label them. I have created a label for a beer I plan on bottling in Belgian bottles.

How many medals have you won: One for a mead a couple of years ago. Last year I got some good scores, a 40 on a Oud Bruin, a 39 on a Flanders red, and a few more in the mid 30’s. Only one bad score. It was a Wee Heavy that the judge said would have been an excellent Oud Bruin. I think it may have been mislabeled. Maybe this year will be my year.

Do you have a good homebrew club story you would like to share: Not really a story, but I think that the homebrew club is the best way to gain a lot of knowledge. There are many great brewers in our club. I suggest if you see that someone is brewing on a weekend, and they say stop by if you want. You should stop by and see their methods, or their system. You might learn something, or maybe even show them a trick that you have learned.

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  • Client Troy Cloward
  • Date February 1, 2016
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