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Drafting Corn.

April 2019

Project Description

Pappys table beer. I made this for my husband who fondly recalls his MGD days. It was his dad’s beer of choice, who was bartender after retiring from 20 years service in the Navy. I used it to introduce him to the magic of a home-brewed beer.
I was experimenting with hops I had on hand at the time, mainly due to the fact that this winter did not make it easy for me to travel into the city for brew supplies. The hops are not as forward in the taste. The first few weeks on tap it smelled sweetly hoppy, I attribute to dry hopping.


Style: 1B. American Lager

SRM: 2.5

ABV: 5.26%

IBU: 14.1

OG: 1.048

FG: 1.008



Pilsner – 75%
American 2 Row – 15%
Milled corn grits (pre mashed) – 10%


Saaz (4.0 AA) – .5oz (75%) @ 60min
Tettnang (4.5 AA) – .15oz (25%) @ 60min


Mangrove Jack CA Lager Yeast M-54


Mash at 158°F for 60 minutes

Cereal conversion mash 158 °F on milled corn-cool prior to adding to brew mash.

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